Ammonium Nitrate (AN)

The chemical compound ammonium nitrate, the nitrate salt of ammonium, has the chemical formula NH4NO3, simplified to N2H4O3. It is a nitrogen fertilizer and contains 33-34.5% N. The product is widely used in Europe, Turkey and Latin America. As noted by The Fertiliser Institute of North America, the product was the first solid nitrogen fertilizer produced on a large scale and is produced by the reaction of ammonia and nitric acid.

The product is normally provided in prilled form, containing 33.5% nitrogen. Stabilised Ammonium Nitrate contains between 31-33% nitrogen. As highlighted by Yara, a major nitrogen fertilizer producer, nitrate is easily absorbed by plants, and unlike urea or ammonium, it is immediately available as a nutrient. Other major producers include Uralchem and Eurochem.

Through the Profercy Nitrogen Service, Profercy provides expert market analysis of global ammonium nitrate markets. This includes weekly price assessments for all major pricing points, such as:

  • AN Baltic fob bulk
  • AN Black Sea fob bulk
  • AN France € deld bulk
  • AN UK fot £ bagged
  • CAN Germany € cif bulk

Full price history going back nearly 15 years is available to subscribers via the Profercy Hub.

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