Prilled Urea

Urea is a nitrogen fertilizer and contains 46% N. Urea is the most popular nitrogen fertilizer source. According to the International Fertilizer Association the product represents 56% of the world market. The standard crop-nutrient rating (NPK rating) of urea is 46-0-0.

Urea is sold as either prills or granules. Major prilled urea producing nations include China and those in the FSU. Major producers include Yara, Eurochem, Uralchem, Qafco and Sinochem.

Through the Profercy Nitrogen Service, Profercy provides expert market analysis of global prilled urea markets. This includes weekly price assessments for all major pricing points, such as:

  • Yuzhnyy/Black Sea fob
  • Baltic – ice affected fob/ice free fob
  • China fob
  • India cfr
  • Romania fob
  • Arab Gulf fob
  • Mediterranean cfr duty paid
  • Brazil cfr
  • EC Central America cfr
  • WC Central America cfr
  • SE Asia cfr

Full price history going back nearly 15 years is available to subscribers via the Profercy Hub.

Recent Price History

The graph below shows the average quarterly prices for Black Sea Prilled Urea and Chinese Prilled Urea $pt fob. All prices are derived from the weekly price assessments published via the Profercy Nitrogen Service.

Profercy Nitrogen Prilled Urea

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