Ammonia: The outlook for the market and prices to 2030

Ammonia versus Urea: 2004 to 2014

The ammonia market has enjoyed an extended price boom over the past 4 years. Supply cutbacks, both planned and unplanned, have inflated prices. While the urea market has been crushed by China’s major urea export push, ammonia buyers have had to contend with fewer and more expensive options for a product that is mainly used for processing and which cannot easily be stored.

Profercy’s latest long-term nitrogen report assesses the prospect of ammonia prices remaining relatively high vis-à-vis urea and other nitrogen products in the years ahead. The report provides vital supply and demand analysis, as well as price forecasts to 2030, for all companies involved in global ammonia markets.

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A comprehensive analysis

To provide a full picture, this major report includes key sections covering:

  • Export Supply Outlook 2014-2020: Critical analysis of major additions and losses to exportable ammonia supply.
  • Import Demand Outlook: Reviewing additions and losses to import demand from phosphate and nitrogen projects to 2020.
  • Projected Trade Balances: Export supply and import demand analysis reviewed side-by-side.
  • Energy market fundamentals and price forecasts to 2030 are reviewed to assess the implications for global ammonia production.
  • Price forecasts for major export and import origins to 2030 drawing on our long term outlook for urea, ammonia trade balances and the long term correlations with energy and agricultural product prices. Price forecasts include those for major export origins and import markets.

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