The Profercy Phosphate & NPKs Service

The Profercy Phosphates & NPKs Service offers subscribers the latest price information and forecasting across all major markets.

The Service provides unique insight into Phosphate & NPK markets and is led by Tom Jago, a respected analyst with many years of industry and financial reporting experience.

To review the service, including our regular market updates and weekly reports, you can sign up for a no obligation trial below.

Our Service

The Profercy Phosphates & NPK Service provides reliable market analysis, news and prices for all major phosphate and NPK products worldwide. The service includes:

  • Full coverage and analysis of the latest trades, tenders, bids and offers, published throughout the week
  • Comprehensive weekly market reports covering key phosphate and NPK markets, including analysis of the latest price trends. This includes over 70 key prices – Profercy’s prices are used in physical contracts and swaps markets worldwide

To see an overview of our daily, weekly and monthly reports, including details on the key nitrogen prices included, you can download a sample pack here.


Products covered include:

  • DAP, MAP
  • TSP, SSP
  • NPs & NPKs
  • Speciality NPKs
  • Phosphate Rock and Phosacid

Breaking news and analysis direct to your inbox

Coverage of the latest trades, tender news and major contracts are published throughout the week alongside Profercy’s expert analysis on the implications for the market.

Expert market analysis throughout the week

Profercy’s weekly reports and forecasting provide unrivalled expert analysis of the prospects for the global phosphates and NPK market. This includes the latest market defining news for DAP, MAP, NPKs, TSP and SSP, phosphate rock and phosacid, as well as many other speciality products.

Over 70 reliable price assessments published every week

Profercy’s price assessments are trusted by industry professionals across the globe. Every week Profercy Phosphate NPK publishes key price assessments used to settle physical contracts and support the growing fertilizer swaps market. The Phosphates and NPKs Service covers over 70 price points.

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