For over two decades, Profercy has stood at the forefront of the fertilizer industry, offering unparalleled expertise, meticulous analysis, and invaluable insights into the dynamic landscape of global fertilizer markets, prices, and trends. Since our inception in 2004, our dedication to excellence has earned us the trust and reliance of fertilizer market professionals worldwide.

At Profercy, we pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. From breaking news to daily price updates and comprehensive weekly reports, our offerings span a spectrum of fertilizer intelligence – across our key services of Nitrogen, Phosphate & NPKs and Potash.

Moreover, we are committed continuously improving and expanding our services. In addition to our established offerings, we also provide Forecasting Reports for both Urea and Ammonia, offering invaluable foresight into market trends and projections. We are also preparing to launch our forthcoming Forecasting Report for Phosphates & NPKs, further solidifying our position as the industry leader in fertilizer intelligence.

Profercy Nitrogen Service

Unrivalled insight into the world nitrogen market, including key prices and analysis for US, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Profercy Phosphate & NPKs Service

Concise updates and analysis covering all major markets for DAP, MAP, TSP, SSP and speciality NPKs, as well as Phosphate Rock and Phosacid.

Profercy Potash Service

Unrivalled analysis of the changing global Potash market. The latest prices in key markets, including contract and spot import prices.

Profercy Urea Forecasting

During periods of macroeconomic uncertainty and turmoil, market forecasting is difficult, but vital to companies developing purchasing or marketing plans, as well as those assessing long term investments.

Profercy Ammonia Forecasting

These regular reports provide average monthly forecast prices for the year ahead.  These are derived from trade balance assessments, based on projected ammonia supply and demand. This utilizes supply and demand data maintained and compiled exclusively by Profercy.

Profercy Phosphates Forecasting

Launching 2024: These quarterly forecasting reports provide average monthly forecast prices for the year ahead.  These are derived from trade balance assessments, based on projected Phosphate & NPK supply and demand.

Profercy World Nitrogen Index

The World Nitrogen Index provides a barometer for global nitrogen markets utilising Profercy’s latest prices. The Index is updated every week following the publication of the Nitrogen Weekly Report.

Profercy Hub (Online Portal)

The Profercy Hub provides subscribers with instant access to over 90 key fertilizer prices, covering nitrogen, phosphates & NPKs and potash markets.

Profercy Data API

We also provide API access to our data for our enterprise subscribers. If you wish to automatically pull our pricing data into your own application or documents, this is now possible. Contact us below for more details.

If you are interested in Profercy’s services or have a question regarding our coverage, please contact us.