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Last Updated: March 22nd 2024.

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Terms and Conditions for Subscribers to the Profercy Nitrogen Service, Profercy Phosphates & NPKs Service, Profercy Potash Service, Profercy Ammonia Forecast and/or Profercy Nitrogen Forecast. 

Our subscriptions are subject to the Terms and Conditions on this page and to the Sanctions Terms and Conditions found here https://www.profercy.com/terms-conditions/sanctions/ unless superseded by specific contractual terms and conditions provided by Profercy.

All publications provided as part of either Profercy reporting and subscriptions are subject to Copyright. No part of these publications may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of the Copyright owner Profercy.

Profercy Ltd and Profercy Phosphates Ltd request that all subscribers provide details of email addresses to be included as part of each subscription. Should these email addresses change, it is requested that these are provided at the earliest opportunity.

Subscriptions typically include up to 3x email addresses in one office location unless a separate arrangement has been approved by Profercy Ltd or Profercy Phosphates Ltd. Unauthorised forwarding, by email or by any other means, of our reports is a breach of Copyright. Profercy Ltd and Profercy Phosphates Ltd reserves the right to review and potentially terminate subscriptions where we believe unauthorised forwarding is taking place. Where clear evidence of this is available, subscriptions will be terminated without refund of subscription charge.

Profercy Hub API

Profercy can provide API access to some of our proprietary data sets as a separate service, when in conjunction with our subscriptions. In doing so, Profercy provides your organization with an API access token to enable you to connect to our system.

The subscriber is responsible for connecting and querying or retrieving the Profercy API data. Profercy provides a complete guide detailing exactly how to connect and possible errors that might be encountered due to mis-configuration. Profercy does not provide individual technical support as part of the service.

Profercy API data is available the next working day after publication of the relevant report. Profercy cannot guarantee this as part of the API subscription and on occasion there may be a delay to the data update.

Profercy will also ensure that the API and access to the Profercy Hub is available 99.0% of the time.

If any existing subscribers have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via accounts@profercy.com.

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