Phosphates cash costs – Where is the floor?

As phosphates pipelines deplete in most key markets, there is growing exposure to cash cost floors along the global cost curve. To stay ahead of the market and anticipate producer stress points, Profercy’s new research report Where is the floor? has the answers, backed up by a 500-data point cost calculator.

The report breaks down all input costs from rock, sulphur, sulphuric and phosphoric acid, to ammonia, NP enrichments, processing, logistics and taxation. This is for 40 producers and producer categories, giving a bottom-line cash breakeven on 64 million tonnes of DAP, MAP, TSP & enriched NPKs (MES & others).

As such, the report shows how big today’s cash margins are among the low-cost producers and how close the floor is at top end on full volume shipments we think the world market will need this year. This includes a breakdown of shipments to date, and therefore the scale of unfulfilled demand still in hiding for 2H 2016. This highlights the impact of the big, 11th hour demand rushes that are today’s new normal.

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Profercy Phosphates & NPKs

The report is edited by Tom Jago, a respected industry analyst with many years of industry and financial reporting experience.  For more information regarding our daily and weekly market reports, please click here.