Urea: The new energy environment and the outlook to 2030

2015 to 2018 looks set to be a challenging period for the urea industry and market. Against the backdrop of low energy prices and high Chinese export volumes, major capacity additions will come on stream, particularly in the US. Trade flows are set to change.

Can the outlook for urea be positive? Will investment in new capacity slow as project sponsors’ nerves are tested?

In our latest comprehensive report, Profercy addresses these issues and puts forward its long term view to 2030. Supporting detailed price forecasts for all major barometers of urea, the report provides:

  • A detailed Supply Outlook to 2030, including critical analysis of worldwide supply additions and proposed projects
  • Regional and Global Demand Forecasts – covering all major markets
  • The latest Cost Curve Analysis covering production in China, the EU and the US – plus a long term assessment on energy patterns affecting global urea production
  • An assessment of future World Trade Patterns – accommodating the major growth in export supply at a time of reducing US imports
  • The Price Outlook to 2030 – covering prilled and granular urea at all major pricing points in the East and West

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Published in February 2015, Profercy’s latest comprehensive report provides logical analysis of the supply, demand and price outlook for urea through to 2030. Covering all major projects and all major markets, the report provides vital insight for producers, buyers, traders, financial analysts and public sector bodies.

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