Profercy Nitrogen Forecasting Service

During periods of macroeconomic uncertainty and turmoil, market forecasting is difficult, but vital to companies developing purchasing or marketing plans, as well as those assessing long term investments.

Profercy has been providing nitrogen market forecasting services for two decades. Our nitrogen market forecasting service offers concise analysis of market fundamentals, detailed supply and demand assessments covering the following 3 to 6 months, as well as the next five years.

Existing subscribers to the service include publicly listed fertilizer producers, major trading companies, investment analysts and importers.

The Nitrogen Market Forecast service provides:

  • Detailed supply and demand assessments, based on Profercy’s extensive market data and projections
  • Trade balance projections for the following three months
  • Assessments of key market prices, including major export locations, such as North Africa, the Arab Gulf and China, as well as significant import markets, including Europe, the US Gulf, Brazil, India and many others.
  • Forecast quarterly prices for prilled and granular urea for the following 12 months
  • Forecast annual average prices for the next five years
  • Long term supply and demand assessments, including up to date analysis of major supply additions broken down by project

Special updates are provided when market fundamentals change, or during periods of volatility.

The forecasting service is edited by Clive Yearsley, founder of Profercy, and an analyst with over 30 years’ experience covering fertilizer markets.

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